Andris Abele has worked as an active Designer/Builder of custom homes and buildings since 1980. Though not a licensed architect, Andris developed and nurtured a talent for design, which emerged from a Fine Arts education in Australia.

Over the last two decades ,the majority of work was realized by Client referrals (mainly by word of mouth. All of Andris‘ design work is completed from his Canadian office, based in Portland Ontario ( Rideau Lakes area).

His structured approach to design is comprehensive with guaranteed results built in as follows:

1 . A site visit and meeting to decide on client needs and budget, including analysis of location.
2 . The development of four conceptual floor plans (1/4” – 1’) encompassing the entire scope of work. Note: 50% of Design Fee is paid at this time.
3 . A review of the four concepts with the Clients.
4 . Notes are taken of expressed interests of various elements from all the drawings in preparation for a fifth version.
5 . Commencement of the fifth version floor plan and elevations are produced. Note: Second half of Design Fee paid at this time.
6 . Drawings are reviewed and amended, as costs of construction are taken into consideration.
7 . All plans necessary to secure building permits are produced.

Note: Generally blueprints submitted to building departments are done so as “Plans Prepared by Owner”. If however plans rendered must be stamped by a licensed architect or engineer, this can be arranged for an additional fee determined by that third party.

8 . If there is an agreement to proceed to the Construction phase with our Team, a detailed spreadsheet is produced to “chronologically build your project on paper”. This document then becomes a cost and program management tool.

As a Designer/Builder, Andris has a very thorough understanding of construction costs and is not in the business of designing “impossible dreams”. There is no extra price placed on creativity and the design produced is considered an extension of his Clients. This high level of attention to detail is what produces a truly unique signature of an Abelan designed home.

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